Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: Paws and Tales - Being Kind and Caring

Eighteen months ago, our family was introduced to the Paws and Tales video series by Chuck Swindol's Insight for Living ministry.  I gave it a mixed review because while the stories contained solid theology, I was disappointed in the quality and some of the comments made by the characters. 

I figured the video would be lost in the back of our entertainment center and not receive many requests.  I was surprisingly wrong.  The kids have asked to watch the video several times and laugh over and over at the funny antics of the characters. 

Being Kind and Caring: Biblical Wisdom for Kids is the second in the Paws and Tales series. 

This video contains two episodes:  The Hullabaloo at Hunker Hill and The Great Go-Kart Race.  Based on Matthew 18:21-22, Hullabaloo explains the importance of forgiveness and not wrongly accusing people. Again focusing on forgiveness and the verse Matthew 6:14, the Go-Kart Race teaches teamwork.  Bonus features include: music videos, activity sheets, games, and teaching resources.

Heidi's Thoughts:
While our kiddos enjoy watching this video, it isn't my top pick.  The quality is not to the level you would expect for 2012.  But in reality, how can I complain?  They are learning biblical, moral values and laughing along the way. 

Overall, the video is okay. A little disappointing but the kids like it.  I would like to see less snide, rude remarks from some of the characters but compared to normal TV this is tame and looks almost saintly!   Definitely worth getting from the library or purchasing if you are looking for solid, Biblical children's videos.

What videos do you and your children enjoy watching?

Thank you to Tyndale for allowing our family to review this product.

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