Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Betzy the Bumblebee

"Betzy was a sweet, plump bumblebee.  Her bold yellow and black stripes were placed perfectly on her fuzzy, round body.  Her little short wings were black and shiny, and her legs were black and hairy.  She was very cute!"

And so are the Guest in the Garden series of book by author Dawn Denton.  Cute as can be!  Third in the series, Betzy the Bumblebee introduces us to another busy friend in the garden.  Betzy is responsible for helping to pollinate plants so that they can produce more flowers.  But she gets bored with her work and longs to be a butterfly for they are beautiful and graceful.  So, one day she decides to try to be like a butterfly.  But mayhem occurs when tries to flap her wings in slow motion and she ends up spiraling toward the ground.  Other attempts are also futile.  She realizes that she was made with amazing traits that butterflies don't have.  "Just the way bumblebees can't do all of the things butterflies can do, butterflies can't do all of the things bumblebees can do."  With this realization, her work is no longer boring but instead it is fun!

As a huge bonus, this book is available in a downloadable audio form for free. Each book contains a coupon code. Simply visit the website listed in the back of the book to enter the code to listen to the author read the book. You can listen through the website or download to your computer, a CD, or a portable music device. A special musical chime is rung to let the child know it is time to turn the page. Books on tape (which is what they used to be called) are great for quiet time or traveling in the car.

Although God is not directly mentioned in this book, it could be used for an "I am Special" theme, Creation, or just to read separately.  With adorable illustrations and a positive plot, this is my favorite book in the "Guest of the Garden" series.  I am excited to meet the next little bug or critter!

How do you incorporate character traits of animals into learning?

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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