Friday, June 15, 2012

FAQ: Using the ABCJLM Curriculum with Twins

Time for a FAQ:

I am going to be using the ABCJLM curriculum with my twin boys.  Do I need to order two whole sets (the curriculum and worksheets) for each of the boys or can they share?

Great question!

The curriculum book contains lesson plans for you, the teacher.  There is nothing in this book directly used by the child.  So only one curriculum book is needed.

I highly suggest that you purchase a workbook and an ABCJLM Bible Coloring Book for each child.  This is the simplest option.  And if you have twins you most likely beg for simplicity!  The other option is to make copies from the workbook or website (families have permission to copy workbooks for their own use).  This option requires more time and ink from your printer.

As you use the workbook, keep each worksheet in the binding or tear out as needed. To save paper, I suggest using plastic covers along with a dry-erase marker on the worksheets to allow for repeated practice. 

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Share a simple way that you have found to manage the ABCJLM worksheets.


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