Thursday, June 14, 2012

4 Year Workbook

4 Year Workbook

The 4 Year Workbook is now available to order!!!!

The approximately 140 worksheets in this book consist of the Aa-Zz letter posters, 0-25 number posters, the Objective Pre and Post Checklist, ten "My Coloring Books" printed double-sided, twelve Letter Progressions worksheets, the color-printed 3/4" and 1" Blank Tracing Line Worksheet, as well as the majority of the ABCJLM coloring sheets, templates, and worksheets used throughout the 4 Year Curriculum. A plastic cover set, black regency backing, and spiral binding surround the worksheets to keep each page clean and easy to use.

With this addition, all of the curriculum now contain their own workbooks.  The Preschool Curriculum workbook will no longer be available.

To order your copy, click here.

One more workbook to go - ABCJLM's exclusive Bible Coloring Sheets!  These will be available to order sometime in July.

Which of the ABCJLM curriculum is your favorite?

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