Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Update on Our Family

It is time for an update.


Bubs is seven with a birthday just around the corner.  He just finished 1st Grade and had a great teacher and year.  It is crazy how the dynamics change now that he is home all day.  This has created an adjustment for all of us.

Sensory wise, Bubs continues to have very rough moments.  We praise God that great improvements have been made. though and that we have better learned how to help him through the tough times.  Thankfully summer allows him to be able to swim, ride his bike, and jump on the trampoline a lot, gathering a lot of sensory input.  To keep Bubs on grade level, we spend approximately two hours a day working on reading, writing, and spelling.  I will be talking a lot more about this in coming posts.

Right now we are working on Bubs learning to control his tongue when he is on sensory overload.  His meltdowns have turned into lip lashings on those he loves.  He abhors chores and fights them tooth and nail.  I see why parents give up on asking their children to do chores!  More on this as well.

Sweet Pea

At five, she is mommy's little helper.  I depend on her in so many ways.  Using the exact wording that I use, I hear her disciplining her brothers quite often.  We are working on this.  Sweet Pea will be entering Kindergarten in the fall.  She couldn't be more excited.  Selfishly, I would like to keep her at home but know that she will love her time at school.

Little Man

Oh, Little Man.  In two weeks, our Little Man will turn four.  The fact that I have survived his first three years means that I should have very large jewels in my crown.  This boy pushes me to my limited in seconds but brings me back to the joys of parenting in nanoseconds with his precious love. 

I hope for the days when we will be able to put things back in his bedroom.   But until he stops tearing, breaking, and disassembling everything, his room will remain bare.  Impulse control continues to be his largest issue but he continues to struggle taking ownership for his behavior and mistakes.

Little Man is able to sneak away faster than I can blink.  This creates great anxiety in his momma but it is something that I have to continually turn over to God.   More on all of this in future posts too!


Our precious baby is now 18 months old.  (Tear, tear).  It is no secret that I love the baby stage and the infant time even more.  While I am sad to put away the baby toys and gear, I love watching him learn new words and explore the world around him.  Peanut is into everything and loves to climb.  He discovered how to open doors as well.  Not good.  He can hold his own with this siblings and knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it. 


How blessed I am to have my husband.  He is a wonderful father to our kids and friend to me.  We will celebrate our 14th anniversary tomorrow.  God has brought us through several valleys but we have experienced so many joys as well.


And me...where to start?  First, I am continually blown away by your comments and emails.  I feel humbled and blessed to be part of the ABCJLM ministry.  God is doing amazing things and I sit back in awe at where God has taken us in these four years. 

On the ABCJLM website, I am finishing the 4 Year Curriculum upgrades and creating the 4 Year Workbook.  When these are done, I will begin working on a Bible Workbook.  I am totally excited about this.  (Is "totally" a cool word now?  Not sure...)  I have several other projects up my sleeve but you will have to stay tuned for those announcements! 

I am totally excited about this blog and all of the changes as well.  (There I go again with the "totally" word!)  Your ideas have given me so many topics to lead the change.  I write mental blog posts all of the time.  If only I could connect my brain to the computer!  Boy, would that save time. 

While all of these things bring me great joy, those are a small part of my week.  Actually, I try to limit my website activities to early morning and quiet time only.  The rest of my day is filled with being a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and a friend. 

On the friend side, I am excited to begin leading a women's Bible study this summer.  We will be diving into the Live a Praying Life: Open Your Life to God's Power and Provision study by Jennifer Kennedy Dean.  Also, summer opens up more time for playdates, swim parties, and cookouts.  Love our time with friends. 

As a mom.  To be honest, we are in a tough spot in parenting.  Bubs and Little Man are bringing me to exhaustion most days.  Add Peanuts lack for words and whining and I need to be admitted to the funny farm.  In simple words, it is hard.  But, God is teaching me to smile and hang on to the amazing mom moments that I receive. 

Spiritually, God is teaching me so much!  I sometimes want to freeze time so that I can dissect each nugget. 

I think that about brings you up to date.  Hopefully this will give you a foundation for my future posts on motherhood, sensory, discipline, friendship, Christian life, and so many more that you have asked for.  I am TOTALLY excited to share!

What part of this update can you relate to?

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