Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: The Princess Twins


When the UPS truck drives down our lane, it is like Christmas around here.  These two little books were one of the latest deliveries.   

You may recognize the Princess Twins title from a review I did a few days ago.  Part of the "I Can Read" set, the reader is swept away to the castle of Princesses Emma and Abby where the girls learn what it is like to be real princesses from the inside out. 

In The Princess Twins and the Birthday Party, the girls prepare for their sixth birthday party.  The perfect dress, crown, decoration, and friends.  But suddenly one friend, Beth, is missing. Emma finds Beth leaving the party thinking that she isn't wearing nice enough clothes.  Emma immediately takes off her royal crown and places it on Beth's head.  Beth feels beautiful and Emma reminds her that she is even more beautiful on the inside. 

Simple words create a simple concept yet one that all struggle with - appearance.  The reader is reminded that it is about the love and kindness in your heart that makes you beautiful.  Great lessons for all readers.

The Princess Twins and the Tea Party is the princess version of Mary and Martha.  Emma portrays Martha as she hurries about micromanaging to make the tea party perfect.  As Mary, Abby reminds her sister that only God is perfect and to simply enjoy the party.  Even when the tea party is struck by disaster, the girls learn that you can still have a fun time.

God used this little simple book to remind me that even with all of my striving, I will never reach perfection.  I can't be the perfect mom, have the perfect home, and create perfect meals.  But, I can enjoy the party!  Thank you author Mona Hodgson for this remember. 

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