Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Confession to You...

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Confession time...

Over the last few months, the "Our Out-of-Sync Life" blog has been pushed to the back burner.  With writing the 5 Year Curriculum, creating workbooks for all of the curriculum, finishing the school year and then being a mom, a wife, a daughter, friend, and managing life, something had to go. Sadly, this blog got the left overs. This has resulted in some impersonal, low-quality posts.

For this, I ask your forgiveness. 

I pray that you will once again receive encouragement, tangible ideas, and reminders of who you are in Christ. 

Following all confessions, needs to come change. As I have been pondering this blog, I have debated several things trying to come up with the change that is needed.

Do I stop the blog all together?

I do not pray for 1000's of followers. But, I do pray that one person each day is encouraged through my life story. If that is the case, then my time and energy is not in vain.  And each time that I think about closing the blog, I receive a comment or a message from a mom whom God blessed through this blog. As God's vessel, I feel led to keep posting. 

Secondly, I find that blogging helps me wrestle through my thoughts on life. While the thoughts may seem demented to you (no comments please!), the thoughts are ones that I am currently battling or living.

Do I continue the blog?

So, if the blog is to continue, what changes need to occur? Better stated, how can this blog best bless and encourage those who read it?  I mean, what should the posts consist of?  I see what other top bloggers are posting.  Am I to follow suit? 

I actually wrote this post on Saturday afternoon with a different ending.  But after attending church this weekend, I have deleted the ending and want to share with you what God showed me through His Word and the message at church.  

Let me give you a little background.  For the past few weeks, our sermon series has revolved around discipleship.  Jesus' final words were to "go into all the world and make disciples."  But, what does this mean?  How does this look in my daily life?  

I realize that this blog and ABCJLM is one of the ministries that God has placed in my hands but am I doing what God desires with each of these? 

So after an amazing time of worship, I was excited to hear what God had to tell me about discipleship; all along thinking back to the post that I had written earlier today about the future of this blog. 

First scripture:  II Timothy 2:2 - ...commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 

I knew right then and there that I was to continue the blog.  God wants me to empower moms to train their children, love those around them, and grow spiritually.   Got it!

But what should the blog consist of?

Second scripture:  I Thessalonians 2:8 - ..impart to you not only the gospel of God, but also our own lives.

It could not have been clearer for me.  The Holy Spirit was saying to me, encourage the blog readers in their relationships by sharing the truth of My Word and what God is teaching you in your life. 

As clear as writing on the wall, God said, "I don't want you to do what other blogs are doing.  Just share what you are learning along the way."

And so...that is what I am going to do. 

I hope that you will join me on this journey.


  1. Just simply continue to be you. Share how complex or simple as the moment provides...
    God will do the rest. =)
    Grateful you will continue on...
    no worries, no expectations, just simply enjoy walking alongside you in the journeys you choose to share.
    Blessings, Sheri

  2. First off, I would like to say that I applaud you for all that you do! I have been following your websites for about 1 1/2 and I love each one of them. The information you share is awesome. I share your link with everyone I know that has little ones. Second, I love your faithfulness and obedient heart towards our Lord! I thank you for freely sharing your gifts and what He puts on your heart. I have 4 little ones and my goal is to homeschool each one of them (as I didn't know much about this with my 2 older ones). Your curriculum is awesome, and I think for me, it would help if you if you gave an example of what your day looks like. From when you wake up, to when you lay down for bed. Thanks again for everything! God bless you!!!
    Tiffany Wyatt


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