Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Things, Big Reminders

I have been a bear.  I think my husband and kids would agree that for the last month I haven't been really fun to live with. 

The truth hurts. 

The positive... at least I realize it.  Right?

After a long talk with my husband and another one of my besties, I began to see what was causing all of my anger and frustration.  But it was while reading a Level 1 book about princesses to Sweet Pea that I realized the real reason for momma's ugly attitude. 

In The Princess Twins and the Tea Party Emma is hurrying about to make the tea party perfect.  Micromanaging every step of the process, Emma is busy being busy! 

It was Emma's conversation with her sister that God hit me right between the eyes (gently of course).
"I want everything to be perfect," said Emma.
"Only God is perfect," Abby said.
Abby set the name cards by the cups.
"Don't worry, Emma.  Just enjoy the party," said Abby.
As a perfectionist, I want everything to be perfect - my house, the meals, our play time, my children's behavior...and the list goes on.  I work my fingers to the bones trying to make it that way.  The problem is that in my perfectionism, I bowl over everyone in my way. 
"I want everything in my power to be perfect," said Heidi.
"Only God is perfect," Holy Spirit said.
"Wow...well said,"  said Heidi.
"Don't worry, Heidi.  Just enjoy life and love those around you.  Let God handle perfection," said Holy Spirit.
Thank you, God, for using little things in my life to remind me of who You are and who I am not.  

Tell us about a time that God used something simple to teach you something big. 


  1. Hi Heidi! First of all, I wanted to let you know that I have started a new blog to document my journey as a Homeschool Mommy. Your ABCJLM curriculum that I am using was featured in my most recent post. (I hope that is okay) I featured MANY links to your website and what I think is a raving review of your ministry. You can check it out at if you would like! Also, I wanted to share a resource about this VERY topic you wrote about today (being a perfectionist/a Martha) I hope it will encourage you like it did me you can find it on another great blog -
    God Bless!

    1. Jenny - Thank you very much for the "raving" review of the ABCJLM website. I am excited to hear your ideas. If you are interested in joining the Blog Roll (listed in the right hand column), let me know. Thank you for sharing the link as well.


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