Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Desparate to Declutter: Honoring God

If you were able to finish Tasks 1-4, then you now have one room finished. Congratulations! 

Some of you are close to being done with the first room.  Keep working!  You can do it!

Others have tackled 15 minutes each day on the Goal list.  Great job! 

No matter, you are all one step closer to having a clutter free and clean home!!

Today, strive to get at least 15 minutes in Room #1.  If you have finished, begin on the second bedroom.  Return to the task lists to help you work through this project.  The bedrooms are what we will be doing for the remainder of the week.  But save the Master Bedroom as we will tackle this next week. 

Two comments that I want to mention today.  First is a question. 

My give away pile is getting large and I don't have a lot of room to keep it from piling up. Any suggestions?
When it comes to the give away pile there are a few options - garage sale, craigslist, ebay, or give away.  While I have my opinion and have done all of these, I encourage you to calculate the time involved to sell these items.  Weigh this to the profits you will actually receive.  Consider local charities, the Goodwill, and Salvation Army.  Some of these places will actually come to your home and collect the items if you have enough piled up.  But remember, don't make charities sort through your trash. If the item is broken or has holes in it, your trash can is where the item belongs.  

I want to close with this second comment on D2D. 

I am really enjoying my time with God and the time I have gotten to honor Him by cleaning up the mess.
Do you consider the time spent cleaning as honoring to God? 

I encourage you to pray as you clean.  As you wash the front door, pray for those who enter your home. Pray for those who will sleep in the beds.  Pray for those who will eat at your dining table.  

Cleaning can be honoring to God.

More tomorrow!

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  1. I started working on my daughter's closet and bedroom this afternoon. It was such a joy to see my three year old want to give her toys to kids that don't have any. We are going to give all of our "give away" things to Neighborhood Ministries....such a great Christ centered organization in downtown Phoenix, AZ.

    I wanted to thank you for the advice to pray and see how God wants to use His home. I was reminded by God the times we have hosted leadership from our church to hang out and visit. I was given a vision of tranquility and rest for others souls...and was reminded that my sister, before going off to Mexico to be a nurse for God, said she finally slept and felt rest in our house, even when she slept in the living room floor!! I was also given a vision of prayer times in our living room. So excited to see how these things manifest themselves!! Thanks again!


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