Monday, May 21, 2012

Desperate to Declutter: Finale

It has been a fun three weeks with you decluttering and cleaning our homes!  Even if you weren't able to do deep cleaning, I hope that you have been motivated to "get rid of baggage to make room for blessings!"

If you haven't started, be sure to go back to the start of our marathon. 

For this week, focus on the kitchen, dining room, laundry room, living room, sun room, play room, exercise room, hobby room........I think you get the picture.  Spend time on those "extra rooms" in your home.  Remember to stick to the goal list your created.  Sort items into three piles:  keep, give, trash.  Finish strong

If you don't have several hours to devote this week, then set aside 15 minutes to go through the pantry.  What foods need restocked?  Spend another 15 minutes later in the week wiping down the shelves in the refrigerator.  It is amazing how much a clean refrig does to brighten a kitchen - even with the door shut!  Then, enlist the family to go through the toy closet. 

Ladies, whether we work in or outside the home, God calls us to make a home a safe haven for our family and a welcoming place for others.  I pray that the D2D group of posts has helped you do just that. 

What has God taught you through "Desperate to Declutter?" 

Come back tomorrow for a blog on confession, forgiveness, and God's leading. 

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