Monday, May 14, 2012

Desperate to Declutter: Bathrooms

For the last two weeks, we have been working on bedrooms.  On the adgenda for this week:  Bathrooms. 

And if you have little boys...gross bathrooms.  Chuckle/sigh!

Have you memorized the cleaning steps?

1. Prepare for the day. Put on your tennis shoes. Turn on the tunes. Gather the supplies. Rally the troops.

2.  Pull out everything under the sink and above the toilet (and any other cabinets in the bathroom).  Sort it into three piles - keep, trash, give. Look at each medicine and properly dispose of if you no longer need it or it has expired.  (Be sure to keep it out of little hands' reach as you sort.)

3. Put all "Keep" items away.  Take the "Give Away" bag(s) and "Throw Away" bag(s) to the garage (or other designated spot) to add to the other bags.

4. Look at your "Goal" list.  If walls, vacuuming, and windows are on the list, this is now the time for the deep cleaning. Think about the toilets, tub, and sink.  But be warned, only do the cleaning on your list. 

If Time is Limited:

Plan to go through the medicine cabinet.  Make sure that you have on hand what you need.  Also be sure that the medicine put back in the cabinet is kept out of reach from your growing children.

This will be the plan for the rest of the week.  Next week, we will start on the kitchen and dining room.  We are almost finished!

Are you excited about the progress?

Next post...Desperate to Declutter Finale

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