Monday, May 7, 2012

Desparate to Declutter: Master Bedroom

Last week, bedrooms and closets were the focus. This week...the master bedroom.

Now, if you are still working on the other bedrooms, no problem.  Keep on, keeping on.  Then, when you are ready, move on to the master bedroom.  Every house and situation is different so progress at the pace that you can!  And. if you are just joining us, it is never too late.  Start at the beginning of this blog series and know that we are cheering for you!

But, if you are ready to move on, let's get started. 

You will notice that the starting tasks are very much the same from last week. 
  1. Prepare for the day. Spend time with your Master. Put on your best "cleaning" clothes. For me, a t-shirt and shorts does the trick. Eat breakfast. Brush teeth. Get the kids up and at it.
  2. Put on a pair of tennis shoes. This is very important!!! Tennis shoes make little kids run faster. They make mommas clean better!
  3. Crank up the tunes - CD or Pandora works for me!
  4. Tuck those favorite toys of your kiddos under your arms. Gather the troops and head to the master bedroom.
  5. Get the kiddos started on an activity in the room you are working. This may require the pack-n-play and toys.  Remind your kiddos of what you are doing today. Be prepared to pull out more favorite toys as needed.
  6. Today is focused on going through your closet and dresser.  Get rid of clothes that aren't the correct size, style, or color.  If you are unsure what you should be wearing, I highly suggest the book Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman.  Another great source is your husband.  If he doesn't like it, you probably shouldn't be wearing it!  Also, if you haven't worn it in two years, you probably aren't going to wear it.  Pass it on to someone who can get some use out of it. 
  7. Make three piles - keep, give away, and rags. 
  8. Put clothing and shoes back that you truly wear, feel good in, and like.  The rest, bag up, and place in the garage with the items collected last week. 
  9. Close the closet door and go enjoy the day with your family.  Great job!
For those who can't devote a morning:

Pull out one drawer of clothing.  Dump it on the bed and sort it.  This should only take approximately 15 minutes.  If you have an averaged sized dresser and do a drawer a day, you can be finished in a week!  One day go through all of the hang-up clothes.  One day go through your shoes.  Each time you do something you are taking a step closer to the finish line.

No matter who much time you can devote to cleaning, spend a few minutes in your bedroom praying.  Ask God to keep the enemy out of this room.  Ask God to cover this room with love, peace, and encouragement. 

Tomorrow:  Cleaning the master bedroom.

How is this process working for you?

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