Friday, May 11, 2012

Creating a Facebook Cover

What I am about to tell you is a huge waste of time. There is absolutely no eternal value in it and in a few weeks it will not matter at all.
But you have been working hard on our D2D compaign and there are times when this momma needs to let some creative juices flow- even as poor as they might be. Am I speaking your language?

If you use Facebook, then you have probably noticed the Facebook Cover image at the top of your timeline.  It is the image that takes up a huge amount of space on your personal page. Actually it is 850x315 px. In Mommy-ese, that is really big!

What do you do with this space?

Really the options are almost limitless once you get started.

That's where I come in. I am going to help you get started. Where you take this activity is up to you!

1. Choose the photo editing program of your choice. I use to create all of the ABCJLM images. It is free and works really well. Watch some YouTube videos to get your started. 

2. Open a new document that is 850x315 in size.

3.  Fill this rectangle with a background color.  I used blue for the "Preschool Curriculum" cover (shown above). 

4. This is where the fun begins. What you do from now on is totally up to you and should reflect your personality.  Add pictures, clipart, and text.  Remember that your profile picture will cover up the lower left-hand corner of the cover.  Because it is easy to get carried away, I encourage you to set a timer and only allow yourself a few minutes to fiddle.  Otherwise, you will find the clock running a race around the numbers and you accomplishing nothing.  I would suggest that you add every item as a "new layer" to make it easier to move it around. 

5.  When you have finished, save your image as a .jpg.

6.  Open your personal page on Facebook (click to see mine).  Scroll over the cover image. 

7.  Click on the icon that says "Change Cover."  Click on "Upload Photo."

8.  Find the .jpg that you created and click on the image to upload.

9.  And there you have it!  A fun intro to your Facebook Profile page. 

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