Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's New at ABCJLM?

If you haven't visited the site lately, you are missing out on so many great things.
  • New printables
  • New craft ideas
  • The 5 Year Curriculum is finished
  • 5 Year Objectives and tables have been added
  • Bible Craft and Activity Pages
  • Book of the Week Activity Pages
  • Updates and additions on so many pages
What's next?
  • I am half way done with proofreading the 5 Year Curriculum.  When this is finished, I will be forming the books.  Then you will be able to purchase the curriculum in book form as well as Licenses for those wanting to use the curriculum with children outside their individual family.
  • Bible coloring sheets - I hold in my hands approximately 1/4 of the preschool coloring sheets and crafts that have been drawn exclusively for the ABCJLM curriculum!  I am working on editing them.  Then each will be placed into pdf files and made available on the website.  I am really excited to hear your feedback on these!
  • Workbooks - Each curriculum will soon have its own workbook containing the majority of printables suggested in the Lesson Plans.  No longer to have to do spend hours bending over your printer!!  (Just like the 2 Year Curriculum currently has.)
  • Updates, updates.  I am daily making updates and improvements to the website and curriculum.  Be sure to check the "What's New..." heading on the website to see the biggest additions!
  • The ABCJLM Forum and Facebook Group are hopping with activity, comments, and questions.  Be sure that you are part of the fun!  Also, bless others by asking questions, sharing ideas, and encouraging one another.  Find out more on the ABCJLM home page. 

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