Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Here!!!

5 Year Curriculum


It's Here!

You can now order the 5 Year Curriculum in book form and a License to Use the 5 Year Curriculum in your church or business!!!

Save the cost and the hours of time it takes to print off the curriculum's lesson plans.  For situations outside your individual family, purchase a License so you can use the curriculum with other children.

Read what Amy posted on the ABCJLM Facebook Group page about her order:
...Love that he enjoys the curriculum and so easy for a non-teacher like me to do! Thank you! I ordered the books for use at home and it saves lots of time (on the Internet and printing things out). Well worth the low cost

If you are not familiar with the ABCJesusLovesMe Preschool Curriculum:
  • Four different 36-week curriculum for ages 2-5.
  • FREE for family use (books can be order so save you the time of printing)
  • Bible stories, verses, songs
  • Use in a school, church, business, daycare by purchasing a License
  • Book of the Week and activities
  • Math
  • Letters and Numbers with activities for both
  • Science and Social Science learning
  • Fine and Gross Motor Activities
  • Visual Perception Activities
  • Dedicated to preparing a child for Kindergarten in a simple and non-stressful way while giving a child a solid foundation in both the Bible and academics.
  •

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