Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Desperate to Declutter

Call it nesting?

No. I'm not pregnant.

Call it spring cleaning?

No. It's almost May. I am a little behind for that.

Call it desperation?

Yeah. I'll go with that option.

I am desperate to declutter and clean things up.

Imagine for a moment with me...
- a house without piles of dust bunnies (at least enough to stuff a oversized chair).
- a house where things can be easily found.
- a house where everything has a space and everyone knows where the space is and can easily replace the item there.
- a house that simply needs a run through instead of always being dirty and a mess.
- a house that is ready for company at any time.

Did your blood pressure just rise from the excitement?

Wait... I just heard that sigh.

For some of you, what I just described feels like an impossible task. Simply a dream.

Not at all.

Starting Monday - on this blog - I am going to take you step-by-step through the process to declutter your home. I will provide you with a supply list, a detailed task chart, and encouragement. Plus, I am going to be doing the job along with you. So you are not alone.

Time for some transparency.

It's been at least 18 months since I pulled all of the beds away from the walls and vacuumed. It has been about 24 months since I washed windows. Curtains haven't been washed in months! Gross!

It is time to clean this place up!

I desire to enter the summer months on the right foot. I want to spend time with my kiddos and not play an ugly game of "desperate catch up." I have discovered that when the house is in chaos, my attitude is snippy and ugly.  I want to remove any tool the enemy may use which might take my time and focus off my kids and my husband.

Secondly, I want my kids to be successful in their chores.  I have discovered that when my children know exactly where to place something and the process is simple, they will put the item away correctly.  But when my kiddos aren't sure where something goes or the shelf is too cluttered, the item gets hidden under the bed or in a corner.  Decluttering and cleaning helps my children be successful in their tasks and keeps them from lying!

Last, decluttering reminds me how incredibly blessed we are.  We have so much "stuff." Time to share with others as so many have shared with us.  Another part of the blessing that I discover is in our home.  God has given us our home and we are to use it to encourage and bless others.  This may mean with a meal, a clean bed, or simply lemonade and cookies. Whatever God desires us to do, I want to be ready.

So who's in?  

Ready to declutter and prepare for what God has in store for your family for the summer months?

Leave a comment below and let everyone know that you are joining me in preparing your home for whatever God has in store. 

1.  We are in this together.
2.  I will give you specific suggestions, tips, hints, strategies, and encouragement.
3.  God has plans for you.  Are you ready? more thing.  I need to give you the first task!  

And you thought you were going to get off easy...

Task #1- By Monday
1. Gather the supplies needed - trash bags, furniture cleaner, window cleaner, vacuum, rags, your favorite music or Pandora station...

2.  Spend some time in prayer asking God how He desires you to use His home.

3.  Set aside time to have an uninterrupted conversation with your spouse to discuss ways that you can use your home to glorify Him. Explain your desires and ask for His support.

4.  Gather some toys for the kiddos that you can take into the room that you are cleaning.  It might be helpful to hide some favorites for a few days so that the toys are "new" on Monday when you start. 

Come back on Friday and I will give you the second task to make sure you are ready to begin on Monday!

Ladies, I am excited.  I hope you are too.  Excited to have you join me on our mission "Desperate to Declutter."

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  1. Well, I can't say I'm EXCITED, but certainly decluttering and deep cleaning is needed around here. ;) I've been slowly working on projects since the New Year, but it's a big task!

  2. I would love to do it- but I couldn't get the code to work? It said tag is broken, I am not really that good with this kind of thing, so it is probably just me. Thanks so much!

  3. Patty - I checked the code again and it worked. Add as HTML gadget. Please let me know if you still have trouble and I will try to help you. --Heidi

  4. I think I got it to work! Thanks! I posted it, praying I did it right :)

  5. This is perfect timing for me to jump on board! My poor house has been a bit neglected for a season; ready to refocus. *smile*
    I don't usually do the code thing, so does this go on our sidebar, or on our posts when we share our journey alongside you?

    Let the fun begin...

  6. Patty - Click on the button and if it takes you to this blog post, then it works!

  7. Sheri - Happy to have you join us! The button is only if you want to let others know and invite them to join us. But yes, you can copy this code into the sidebar, on a post, or other places. Just copy the code and paste into a "html" gadget.

  8. I need to do this for my family and myself. Looking forward to seeing how God uses His home for His glory!

  9. I am about a week behind but I am ready to get started. I tried to start a few months ago and got all turned around and ended up making an even bigger mess. Excited to get on top of this. I am also crabby when things are not in place and it is so easy for it to get out of control.

  10. A bit late but I'm also going to join in, have been wanting to declutter and reorganise for a while, my bubba is now 7 months and in a good routine, its coming into winter here in Australia so its a good time to stay inside and clean!

  11. Hi Heidi,
    Is it too late to join?

    1. This post is three years old so we aren't currently doing this as a group but I bet you could find other mommas in the ABCJLM Facebook Group who would love to join you if you ask them.


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