Monday, April 30, 2012

Desperate to DeClutter: Task 3

The day we have been anticipating. The first day of change. Are you ready?

Last week, I instructed to you gather the supplies, prepare your heart, and make a plan.  If you have done all of that, push up your shirt sleeves.  It is time to get busy!
  1. Prepare for the day.  Spend time with your Master.  Put on your best "cleaning" clothes.  For me, a t-shirt and shorts does the trick.  Eat breakfast.   Brush teeth.  Get the kids up and at it.   
  2. Put on a pair of tennis shoes.  This is very important!!!  Tennis shoes make little kids run faster.  They make mommas clean better!
  3. Crank up the tunes - CD or Pandora works for me! 
  4. Grab a large container and fill it with your supplies.  Trash bags, furniture cleaner, window cleaner, and rags.  Grab the vacuum too.
  5. Tuck those favorite toys under your arms.  Gather the troops and head to Room #1.
I always start in Sweet Pea's room and end up in the Master Bedroom.  This path makes a snake through our home.  You probably have a pattern down as well.  I suggest starting in a simple bedroom.  One that will give you quick results. 

Remember on Friday how I asked you to decide what your goal is?
My Goal for our home:  Clean out all closets, wipe down walls (i.e. remove cobwebs), wash curtains, and vacuum under furniture. 

Notice that this time through I am not cleaning ceiling falls, windows, or sorting through dressers.  The goal is very important. What you do from now on needs to match the goal.  Leave Facebook alone.  Don't start making a necklace just because you found your long lost beads.  Do not get sidetracked on little bunny trails.  Stick to what you want to get finished.

Room #1

  1. Get the kiddos started on an activity in the room you are working.  This may require the pack-n-play and toys.  Preschoolers can help carry things and dust.  Remind your kiddos of what you are doing today.  Be prepared to pull out more favorite toys as needed. 
  2. Take down the curtains and immediately put them in the washing machine. 
  3. Head to the closet.  Pull out everything and move it to one side of the room.  This will leave a totally empty closet. 
  4. Vacuum out the closet.  Be sure to get any cobwebs in the corners as well.
  5. Pull out two trash bags.  Designate one as "Throw Away" and one as "Give Away."  Near the closet door will be the "Keep" area.  Now begin sorting the items into the three piles.  Be realistic about  your sorting.  Do you really need 7 toy hammers?  Have you used this item in the last 12 months? 
  6. Take the "Give Away" bag(s) and "Throw Away" bag(s) to the garage (or other designated spot). 
  7. Place the curtains in the drier (if possible).
  8. Return to Room #1 and sort the Keep area into similiar piles.  If needed, box similar items together.  Replace the keeper items into the closet putting the items most used on the lower, easy-to-reach shelves.
  9. Close the door to the closet.  You are finished!!!!
Now, go and relax.  Read a book with the kids.  Go enjoy the gorgeous weather today.  You did good!

Be sure to come back and let me know how Task #3 went.  I am excited to hear. 

See you tomorrow for Task #4 of D2D.


  1. Oh, gosh, I don't know if I'll get any decluttering done today! We have homeschool this morning and then there's an eye doctor appointment for the oldest, softball practice for the middle and Cub Scouts for the youngest! Phew! I did tidy up upstairs and vacuum YESTERDAY though! Oh, perhaps we can get the window screens washed today! The kids could help! I'll let you know if I get to them! :D

  2. I set a goal of working in the master bedroom, it is always the last room I get to. I washed the curtains, washed the blinds, dusted the dresser, and cleaned out our two closets....the dust was sooooo gross!! Totally enjoyed the time with God this morning and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! Thanks for your advice on not going on to other things, there are so many things so it was nice to just concentrate on one area in the home!

  3. I have the closet emptied! is still in the middle of the floor, will keep you updated!


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