Friday, April 13, 2012

Craft: God's Promises

My kiddos enjoyed learning about mixing colors while making rainbows in the 3 Year Curriculum.  It was fun to watch the joy on their faces as the colors swirled together.

While developing the 5 Year Curriculum, God led me to this rainbow once more for a unit on the Bible.  Time set aside to look at what the Bible is as a book and what God wants to tell us through the Bible.  The Holy Spirit led me to the idea of combining the rainbow promise and other promises from scripture to help children understand more of the Bible. 

Using the idea of the rainbow as a promise from God, hang clouds with Bible verses declaring other promises.  The God's Promises printable is available with possible verses or you can always use your own. 

Discussion and craft time for children:

Ask the child to think of a promise from God.  As a hint, tell the child "Noah's Ark."  The rainbow was one of God's promises to His people to never again destroy all living creatures by a flood (Genesis 8:21).  But this is just one of thousands of God's promises given to us in the Bible.  Read through some of the promises listed in the Bible.  The God's Promises printable will get you started.


Paint or color the rainbow using the Rainbow printable.  Cut out the rainbow and glue it onto cardboard to make it sturdy.  Punch holes into the base of the rainbow and tie different lengths of string.  Cut out the clouds and punch holes in the top of each.  Tie to the end of the strings on the rainbow.  Glue cotton balls at the base of the rainbow to cover up the holes and string knots.

Hang this craft in your child's room and pray these scripture promises with your child each night.  


  1. love this! Thanks! :)

  2. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS CRAFT AND LESSON. Being a Preschool Sunday school teacher it is hard to keep the little ones occupied while reading the lesson to them. Keep up the good work for God.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed it. Be sure to check out the rest of our ideas on There you can order a License to use the ideas.


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