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Shari Answers YOUR Fashion Questions, Part 2

In January, we hosted a blog series called "New Year, New You."  During this series, I introduced you to fashion consultant, speaker, and author Shari Braendel.  To end the series, Shari took your fashion questions.  Here are the answers to the second half of the questions...

(Read first half of the answers here...)

I do not enjoy wearing high heel shoes - or even something slightly less than flat! I know it's supposed to make me look thinner or better, but I FEEL like it just makes me taller and "bigger" overall - and they're not even comfortable! How much of a difference does it REALLY make to my wardrobe, and is there a happy medium or do I just need to learn to wear taller shoes?

Answer: Go for a ballet flat….the thing about shoes is the top of them….if it’s closed, you will look fuller, bigger…if it’s open, it’s more airy and flattering. Ballet flats are super on everyone!
Same kind of thing with lipstick... Lipstick makes me feel outdated (who wears lipstick?! lol). I am a redhead with paler skin and freckles.  I do like to do my eyes - eyeliner, shadow, mascara. Do I really need lipstick?

Answer: Yes, you do, even if it’s just a tinted gloss. Lipstick isn’t outdated. Wearing NO lipstick will make you look older. So go for a little gloss!

For the time being, I am a stay at home Mom (I teach part time at a college, but I declined to teach this semester to stay home with my kids!) so I'm just getting used to the idea of dressing up even though I'm at home... I want to do it and do it well and not just feel like it's "one more thing" to do with my 3 and 1 year old running around!

Answer: Check out answer to first question. If you don’t want to opt for a jog suit, then wear nice jeans and cute top with comfy, cute shoes!

My question is about coats...I feel that coats tend to be big and bulky and I don't like to wear them, however, here in the midwest coats are a must especially in the winter. What do I need to look for when looking at a coat?  I am looking for something professional, warm and slimming. I have broad
shoulders and am relatively tall. Any suggestions...

Answer: Most important thing for coats is to get one that flatters your coloring. Don’t get one with a belt, but opt instead for a straighter line or peacoat type coat.

How do you know when to tuck a shirt in or leave it out?

Answer: Depends on your body shape. If you have a belly, gain weight there, then you never tuck it in. If you have a balanced figure with not much belly, then it’s up to you!

I see that bangs are coming back in. Are we working our way to the "big bangs" look?

Answer: I hope not!

Shoes: How do you know whether the outfit you're wearing looks best with heals or flats? I'm 5'8" and feel like I'm towering over everyone when I wear heals, however, with some outfits I think they look best.

Answer: Unfortunately, unless I see the outfit, I can’t really answer that. There are just some outfits that look best with one or the other. Wedge heels are a good answer to most outfits. And again, I love ballet flats too!

What makeup do you suggest for people with super-sensitive skin?

Answer: Find one that lists it as being for sensitive skin. Clinique is a good dept. store brand but most brands have a line for sensitive skin.

When should your daughter start wearing makeup?

Answer: It’s up to you! I think middle school is a good time to wear a little gloss and mascara, then add more as she is responsible with it. It’s important to see what other girls her age are wearing, for example, her friends….it’s a peer group thing, but don’t let her be pressured into wearing too much. This is where your guidance is priceless. But also, don’t say NO just because you may not like it. Use good judgement. As her for her opinion and take her to a makeup counter for some lessons.

Scarves are all the thing but I think they make people's necks look short and fat. How do you get away from this?  Also, how do you choose a scarf? What material?  Basically, I need Scarf 101!

Answer: There are great tutorials on Youtube…honestly, it’s a great place to find out how to tie scarves. It’s much too much info to post here.

How do people wear boots with jeans? Seriously how are you to tuck all of that in????

Answer: Skinny or bootcut is the only way.

Also what color of boots are best with jeans?

Answer: Match your hair for the most coordinated look.

I love the multi-colored eyeshadow look. Where it is dark and light on the eyelid. How do you apply this?

Light all over and dark in the crease.

In Fashion 101 terms, what are fabric color swatches and what do I do with them.
Answer: Fabric swatches are a set of 36 swatches that have been specifically chosen for your coloring. It is a great way to shop because you won’t make color mistakes again AND you’ll have a mix and match wardrobe! Get a free color anaylis at  

Thank you Shari for taking the time to answer our questions!!!  Be sure to check out Shari's book, Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman.

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