Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's More About What They See

Little Man was asked by an adult how his week had been.  Another question concerned how he was doing learning the Old Testament books of the Bible.  Little Man explained that he can quote from Genesis to Lamentations right now.  We have the second half left to learn.  Then, he was asked if he has any Bible verses to quote.

As the one responsible for his training, I stopped breathing for a moment. We have been focusing on the Books of the Bible and haven't been specifically working on verses at home right now. 

So the next day, I started thinking about when we could add verses to our daily routine and be intentional about hiding God's Word in our kiddos' hearts.  I thought about right before meal time.  Or, what about right before bed along with Bible stories?  We could work on them....

And I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Stop!  Let them be children.  You be the example."

Suddenly my back released the tension and my heart rate slowed down.  Teaching our children about who God is and the love that He has for them is not about memorizing a bunch of words.  Our children are learning about God by what they see in me.

How do I relate with my Heavenly Father?
What do I do when times get chaotic?
How do I show love to the "unlovable?"
I can "talk the talk" but do I truly "walk the walk?"

Don't get me wrong.  Reading Bible stories, praying, learning verses, and talking about God to our kiddos is so important.   But if it becomes a drill session that they loathe, I have missed the point. 

God is so much more than words put together to form sentences.  I want my children to understand that God is about a personal relationship and a love that is unmatchable.  The biggest teacher that they have for these points is in watching me. 

And about the Bible verses, we are going to work on these. 


  1. Agghh! Amen :) Thanks again for all your hard work! We use your sites daily!

  2. So glad I found your blog! I am a stay at home mom to two boys 3 and 7. My seven year old is, well let's just say hard to handle! I have been struggling to be a good example to him. It is such a struggle for him to express his self without being angry. We have been praying diligently about using kind words this week, so thank you for this post.


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