Friday, March 16, 2012

Craft: Rain Maker

Rain Maker 
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Craft:  Rain Sticks

Tear off one sheet of aluminum foil that is three times as long as a paper towel tube.  Roll the foil lengthwise like a snake.  Wrap the foil around a wooden spoon creating a spring-like shape.

Stretch the foil to be as wide and long as the tube.  Place the spring shaped foil into the paper towel tube.  Add a couple of layers of aluminum foil or construction paper to the bottom of the tube to secure the contents.  Secure tightly with a rubber band. 

When I say tightly, I mean securely. We experienced a bean shower in our laundry room one morning! You should have seen the kids' eyes!

Add dry beans and/or dry macaroni to the fill the tube 1/10 of the way (make sure that the foil doesn't fall down from when pouring in the beans or macaroni).  Add a matching cap to the top of the tube.  Decorate.  Teach the child to tilt the stick slowly.

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