Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Capris: To Wear or Not to Wear & How to Wear

Spring has sprung a month early around here.  Just last weekend I gathered our kiddos' summer clothes out of the attic because at 80 degrees they can not wear long sleeve shirts and jeans.  This means that I can no longer hide behind jeans and long sleeve shirts either. Out come the capris!

But can everyone wear capris?  Do capris just make a mom look frumpy?

Boy was I excited to see a post by fashion expert Shari Braendal about this exact subject.  Want to know if you can wear capris?  Want to know how long your capris should be?

Let me give you a hit.  It has to do with a diamond. 

Click to find out the answer...What to Wear Wednesdays

BTW - Did you miss the posts containing Shari's answers to your questions?  Be sure to click and read this practical advice!

If you want more fashion tips, pick up Shari's book Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad:  A Style Guide for Every Woman.  Stocked full of wisdom all moms need!

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