Monday, March 26, 2012

Are You Busy Being Busy

Pinterest is filled with it.  Blogs thrive on it.  DIY and HGTV programs survive on it. 

Any ideas what this might be?


We as women beg for busy projects.  Something to fill our time and make us feel productive.  But don't worry.  We are saving so much money in the process.  So, it is definitely worth it.

Or is it?

I resently saw an idea on Pinterest to make a calendar/weather/activity center.  Some sweet mom had gone to hours of work to make this learning activity for her child.  It was way cool and super educational.

Want to know what is sad?

Saving maybe a few dollars, this mom lost out on several hours of being with her kids and husband.  By the time that she purchased the laminating supplies, craft rings, cardstock, and poster board, she could have bought the same product on Amazon for just a few dollars more. 

As soon as I saw this pin, it was like a mirror image of myself. 

How many times have I found or dreamed up the best idea which was going to teach my kids so much, save us tons of dinero, and make my life above and beyond easier only to find out in a few days that the idea didn't work as well as I thought, didn't turn out as "cute" as it was pictured, and didn't catch on like I hoped.  The great idea got stuffed in a closet or thrown away.  And I was unable to turn back the clock and regain those hours spent making the project. 

Friends...please understand that I am not judging this mom or her motives. They are honorable; she wants to teach her children and is giving her all in the process.

But she and I need to be leary of busy "things."  Even good projects can be busyness which is time spent away from our kids. 


  1. Quite some years ago I listened to a sermon where the preacher was bemoaning how busy modern lives have become. Not that there is anything wrong with being busy with the right things - things we should do and need to do - but those 'extras' which are often so unnecessary make us busy in a bad way. He used the word busy to form the acronym

  2. This post/email is FABULOUS! Right on target. Perfect! Thanks for the reminder! For putting it into words! And for being brave enough to say it!!!! BRAVO!

  3. Awesome! You're SO right! I'm one of those Moms who HAVE made lots of those creative, save-a-few-$$$ projects that take more time to make than they are used. I've even realized more recently that spending my time PRINTING OUT loads of "free" curriculum on-line really isn't saving me where it's important: time! Now, to learn to limit my time on the computer is the next step! ;)

  4. I have encountered that same problem a couple of times throughout my life. Sometimes it happens when I do groceries. I will take coupons and then end up spending more because I rationalize that since some items will be half off or free that I can buy other products too.


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