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Shari Answers YOUR Fashion Questions, Part 1

In January, we hosted a blog series called "New Year, New You."  During this series, I introduced you to fashion consultant, speaker, and author Shari Braendel.  To end the series, Shari took your fashion questions.  Here are the answers to half of the questions...

Shari, My question is about shoes. For one I have a heck of a time finding shoes that don't hurt my feet and I don't have a ton of money to buy shoes...well shoes are pretty much not a part of the budget at all for now.  So I end up buying one pair of shoes and were them everyday with every outfit. My current pair of shoes are on their second year and look beyond hideous. I just hate to spend the time and money when I feel so clueless as to what to get that will look good with my clothes. Any tips? I know I'm going to have to replace my current pair within this month because they are literally falling apart, ha ha.

Answer: You can find great shoes at very affordable prices at places like Payless, Target and Kmart. I got my most comfortable pair of brown casual shoes (a cute pair that are tennis shoes but instead of laces, they slip on and have zippers!) this season at Kmart for less than $25. I know you said that you don’t have it in your budget, but if you wear uncomfortable shoes that have no support any longer due to lots of wear, then you’ll end of spending a lot more money down the road on foot problems. PLEASE go get a pair of comfortable shoes. Buy a pair that matches your hair color so you can wear them with most everything. Ballet Flats are comfortable too, and you can get at Payless for under $20. Since summer is coming, ballet flats in a metallic color like bronze or pewter will go with everything and are very comfy.

Okay so another shoe question: Can you tell I'm seriously shoeclueless. So I have large calfs, calves ?? Anyway I love love love the boot fashions that are coming out and always want a pair of cute boots, however regular boots don't fit me. So that would mean I have to buy boot for wider legs which means more money, not to mention they are so hard to find. So my question is is it even worth it? I'd hate to spend the money on boots that fit me only to have them look awful on my sausage legs. I will look in the mirror and think Hey I look pretty good only to see a photograph that was taken of me and realize Oh My what was I thinking?

Answer: First of all, stop talking negatively about yourself! If your calves are a little wider than others, it’s okay! God made you that way so don’t worry about it. And yes, I think having a good pair of boots is worth the money. You can get good wide calf boots at places like Payless and Walmart. Check it out! Now is a GREAT time of year to purchase boots ON SALE…all the dept. stores are trying to move them out for spring styles. Get a pair now and they’ll be almost like new next year!

How do you dress modestly, fashionable and cute for your husband while still being a mom and needing to not worry about whether clothes get dirty or "messed up"?

Answer: Tidy yourself up a bit before he arrives home. Brushing your hair, applying a little makeup/lip gloss and mascara and putting on clean clothes is worth the effort, even if it’s a jog suit in a flattering color. Your husband has been out working all day with other business associates, many of whom might be women and they are NOT wearing sloppy clothes with stains on them. Try to look your best when your hubby hits the door so he says, “WOW, honey, you look great!”

Eye Liner - How far across your eye should eye liner go on your bottom lid? How do you apply liner on the top lid? What color do you use on top? 

Answer: It depends on the shape of your eyes and color of your eyes. Typically, you can fill in the entire top lid and only ¾ of the bottom lid. Wear a neutral color like brown or charcoal for most eyes. For a detailed description there is a makeup guide with color recommendations based on eye color in my book, Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad:  A Style Guide for Every Woman. You can get it on Amazon pretty cheap!

Boots are all the rage. Can anyone wear boots? How do you wear them with jeans?

Answer: Yes, anyone can wear boots…and best way is tucking jeans into boots….therefore you need a boot cut or a skinny jean to do this. If wearing a skinny jean, then make sure you wear a longer length top with it.

I attended one of your programs and you told me that I was considered clear. If that is true what color of lipstick and eye liner should I use??????

Answer: If I said it, then you can believe it’s true! LOL! Clears should wear brighter lip gloss like berry or pink as this will balance your lips with your eyes and charcoal eyeliner is likely best.

How do you know how long to have your dress or skirt????

Answer: Hem length should fall at “diamonds” in your legs. Basically, when you stand with your legs together, put your feet in ‘first position’ ballet form, heels touching and feet at 2 oclock and 10 oclock. You will see ‘spaces’ in your legs, where your legs don’t’ touch….this is where hem lengths should hit…never hit where legs touch. If you don’t have diamonds in legs, then opt for middle of knee which we call the classic Chanel length…it works for everyone.

What advise do you have for accessories? I recently got a new job where I am having to dress a lot more professionally and was curious what type of necklaces should be worn with what type of shirts or body shapes. What about bracelets, rings, earrings, etc?

Answer: Follow the 16 point accessory rule. There is a guide in my book which is a counting system. Basically, each garment, shoe, ring, belt, etc. counts as one point. The goal is to have 14-16 points on. If you have 8 points for ‘basics’ (garments, shoes, cute hair, makeup, etc.) and then 8 points in the accessory category, you’ll have just the right amount on.

It seems that shrug type shirts are very popular right now. There are many types, lengths and fabrics. Is there anything we should consider based on our body type when looking at these?
Answer: Stay away from them unless you have a pretty balanced figure. They’re not the most flattering of styles.

Thank you Shari for taking the time to answer our questions!!!  More questions and answer coming later this week!  Or, check out Shari's book, Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad: A Style Guide for Every Woman

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