Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Grace, Grace, God's Grace

A while back, I posted a review on Lisa Whelchel's new book Friendship for Grown-Ups: What I Missed and Learned Along the Way.  While I can't highly suggest the book, there is one point that I can't get out of my mind.  If you have already read the review, I apologize but this is something that needs to be said twice!

Lisa talks about Law vs. Grace. Those in the Old Testament were under the Law or a set of rules.    These Laws were given to show us how far we fall from the perfection line.  Once Jesus died on the cross, we were no longer bound by the Law and instead were covered by grace - which is love from God that we don't deserve.

She further explains that she lived life as though she was still under the Law but realized: 
Not sinning isn't the primary goal. Maybe staying close to the Father is the goal...
You See, it's all upside down. I thought that if I didn't sin then I would stay close to my Father. It is the other way around! If I stay close to the Father, I'm less likely to sin."
I love this!

Being a Christian isn't about falling a bunch of rules. It is about spending more time with God so that we learn His ways. As we learn more about Him, we will become more like Him and have less desire to sin!

Isn't that great?

I hope that you are encouraged to make specific time to spend with your Father to learn His ways.

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