Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Women of Faith Conference

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to join 1,000's of women for a time of laughter, encouragement, and memories at the Women of Faith conference.  Seriously, who doesn't desire time with other women?
Since I was given two tickets to attend, my mom joined me for the two day event.  This gave us time to talk (uninterrupted by little people) and hang out together.  We enjoyed listening to top Christian speakers and entertainers:  Patsy Clairmont, Andy Andrews, Sandi Patti, Brenda Warner, Amy Grant, Lisa Welchel, and others. 
The Conference consists of different speakers and entertainers, worship time, and breaks.  The speakers take turns revolving through the time.  Each have their own keypoints and areas of focus but all pertains to women.  One of the breaks is lunch (sandwich, fruit, chips, etc.) which is provided both days.  There is a longer afternoon break the first day which allows time to get checked into a motel, shop, or have a leisurely early supper. 
Heidi's Thoughts:
In some ways, I was disappointed in the conference.  Before going, I debated on whether or not to take my Bible.  It definitely was not needed.  Sadly, specific scripture was rarely talked about.  While paraphrases of verses were thrown around here and there, this conference is not a Bible study or sermon.  In all actuality, there was not a lot of depth to the conference.  While speakers spoke about emotional subjects, I did not feel like there were points to take home with me.  Instead, I was given reminders to things that I already know and just needed to bring to the forefront again. 
A lot of talk was given about change...changing the world around you and changing myself.  Little was spoken about how to make those changes or the part God and the Holy Spirit take in allowing these changes to occur. 
While this was frustrating for me, I now wonder if I would have been able to handle a deep, heavy weekend.  Because, during the weekend, I realized just how tired I was.  Motherhood has really worn me down!  But the weekend provided just want I needed - time away and laughter.  Let me tell you...Patsy Clairmont is one funny lady! 
With that said, if you are wanting a weekend that pulls you closer to God and stretching your understanding of the Bible and who your Savior is...this is probably not a conference for you.  But, if you are looking for a weekend to get away with your girl friends to be encouraged, laugh, and create memories, the Women's of Faith Conference is just the thing. 
Registration is already open for 2012 Women of Faith events.  Gather some friends and be refreshed!

Thank you to Booksneeze and Women of Faith for allowing me the opportunity to attend this event.

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  1. Hey, I was at the KC conference too! I totally see your point about the conference. At first I felt the same way. For me, I realized that while I wouldn't want those speakers to be what I listen to every week at church (I need to be fed more from the word of God), it was a nice break from the usual. I hope you are feeling refreshed. Here's my wrap up post if you want to read my views


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