Monday, November 14, 2011

Luvs to Longing

The UPS truck comes to my house during nap time.  Since this is my work time, I typically hear it pull into the driveway.  I am sure that my delivery guy thinks I have major spending issues as he comes most days to deliver something.  Unbeknownst to him, most things are review products. 

But a several weeks ago, he actually delivered something that I paid for - diapers.  Using the Amazon Moms and Subscribe and Save options, I can purchase Luvs diapers (or about any brand) cheaper than I can get the off brands at our local supermarket.  Something to definitely look into. 

Back to the UPS delivery. 

So a several weeks ago, I watched the delivery man get out of his truck carrying a large box of diapers.  I met him at the door and reached for the box.  He looked at me funny and I wondered.  Then he handed me a 10 1/2x14" yellow package.  I didn't see that he had two deliveries for me.  Zondervan was written in the return address.  I had to think back to what I was reviewing for them...

Opening up the package, I found a manuscript copy of Karen Kingsbury's brand new book.  Longing.   The third book in the Bailey Flannigan series.  I immediately emailed my husband and mom. 

Work time was officially over and I began reading.  If you have ever read a Karen Kingsbury novel (if you haven't you should) you know that she is pretty kind to the reader and understands that a mom's spare time is limited.  In other words, her books are a fast read.  I assure you that this doesn't mean that it isn't well written or that it is lacking in content. 

So, I read through nap time.  Sneaking a peak here and there, I started again at bedtime.  I should have gone on to bed but knew if I did that I would be a lousy mom the next day and read instead of playing with my kids.  So I estimated my finish time and put my nose to the grindstone.  (Don't feel sorry for me!)


Longing is truly Karen Kingsbury's best book yet in this series.

But in reality, this is Series Five of one big series about the Baxter Family.  Even though the author does a wonderful job explaining the past in each book, I encourage you to not start with this book. Go back to the beginning with Redemption and get to know the characters. Understand their stories and the valleys that God has brought them through. I promise that you will find one character to relate to.

Because each series builds on the lives of the Baxter family and their friends, it would be "naughty" of me to give a sneak peak into the plot of this one.  Major spoiler.  So without giving any details away...this book continues the lives of Bailey, Cody, and Brandon.  I will almost promise that you will never expect the twists and curves that the author takes these characters on. 

In the lives of these characters, God used this book to remind me of a very important concept.  A theme that has been woven into the storyline.  A reminder to every mom and grandma alike. 

That's all I am going to say. 

Longing (Bailey Flanigan Series)

Go now...reserve your copy of Longing - Bailey Flanigan Series.  If you haven't started the series, reward yourself for doing the dishes this week and get a copy of Redemption.  If you are anything like me or many people who I know, you will thank me.

Thank you to Zondervan for allowing me to review this amazing book.

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  1. I got so excited reading this post! I'm not going to be able to read fast enough I'm afraid. I just started the Redemption series last month. I got the first 3 books as a gift and bought the last 2 myself and just finished the series a few nights ago. LOVED THEM! I need to see if I can get the rest from the library or else this is going to get quite expensive (I didn't know the books continued for so long).

    We also just started doing our diapers from Amazon using the S&S and Amazon Mom. HUGE savings! I ordered our toilet paper from there a while back and it's even cheaper than Walmart and doesn't take up half my cart! I'm already brainstorming on what all I can get from Amazon to make my weekly shopping easier. :)



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