Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bible Craft: Scroll

Scrolls are entertaining crafts for the kids to make.  It is always fun watching the children unroll the scroll to find the "secret" written inside.

Cut a brown paper bag into a long rectangle.  Scrunch the paper up.  Smooth it out (using a rolling pin is fun).  Continue to scrunch and smooth the paper several times until wrinkles cover much of the paper. 

For the final time, smooth the paper out and paint with brown watercolor.  Let dry.

Curl the ends of the paper around a pencil and tightly roll to create the scroll effect.  If the rectangle is cut extremely long, you may also wrap and glue the paper around paper towel rolls.  

Write a verse or thought on the scroll to match the Bible story.

Fruit rolls also make fun scrolls. 

These craft accents the Bible story of  Little King Josiah taught in the 4 Year Curriculum, Week 6.

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