Saturday, October 1, 2011

October: Making Memories

Several months ago I mentioned that my mom gave me a 1993 issue of Shining Star magazine.  Included in this issue is an excerpt from Jody Capehart's book - Cherishing and Challenging Your Children.  The article called "Making Meaningful Memories", contains practical tips to create family traditions and memories throughout the year.  Each month, I will be featuring suggestions from this article and Ms. Capehart's book as well as my own. 


1.  Learn more about Columbus Day and celebrate it. 

2.  Fall fun may include taking wonderful walks to collect leaves.  Iron them in wax paper and hang them on your windows.

3.  Attend a local Fall Festival.

4.  Decorate a pumpkin.

5.  Make a pile of leaves to play in.

6.  Go for a walk or bike ride on a trail.

7.  Have a bonfire and make smores.

8.  Sit outside and read a book.  Keep warm with a blanket.

9.  Make pumpkin or sweet potato bread and give to a friend or neighbor.

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