Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bible Crafts: Jesus Walks on Water

Here are the crafts that I came up with for the "Jesus and Peter Walk on Water" Bible story. 

 - "I am Looking at Jesus" Craft - Use this craft to remind your child to keep their eyes on Jesus.

 - Binoculars - Paint two toilet paper rolls. Staple together and add a string. Discuss with the child the importance to keep his/her eyes on Jesus.
 - Make pipecleaner glasses - Twist one pipecleaner into the shape of an "8". Attach one pipecleaner on each side to make ear pieces on the glasses. Twist the ear pieces together in the back to hold them on the child's head. This is a silly craft but my kiddos loved this one and it really helped them remember the objective of the Bible Story.   You like my cabbage patch doll??  :0                

This Bible story is used in the 4 Year Curriculum Week 1 - Trust and Faith.

Have an idea for this Bible story?  Please pass it along!

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