Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So Much to Tell You: Message #2

If you haven't read the beginning of this blog series, please go back so that you understand the need I had for the messages.

Here I sat longing for the other side but totally unable to obtain it.  The worst part of it, I didn't know what was holding me back.

Why was I so drawn to the computer, to my "Momma C" drug, which allowed me to forget about reality?  What was happening in reality that I so desperately wanted to forget?  What was wrong with me?

In a conversation with my husband, I realized that as soon as something went well or right in my life I was on a high thinking this down was over.  I felt the burden lifted and my shoulders weight free.  But almost immediately, I found myself back in that familiar spot, caved under the weight of life's demands.

The answer came in an unusual place. 

Last week, I had a date with one of my bestest.  She and I have a lot in common as far as the world would see.  But seriously, I think she is an angel sent down just to help me think straight.  Every time we get together, the Holy Spirit uses something in our conversation to pull me back home. 

So, that night we were talking about life's demands on a wife, mother to four, friend, etc.  We talked about our Christian life and challenges we are facing right now.  I don't remember what came before the word or what came after.  I could kind of tell you the context of the conversation at that time if I had to.  But all I heard was...


That's not to say that what came before and after the word wasn't important and good stuff.  It's just that the Holy Spirit megaphoned one word and silenced the rest. 

Suddenly I found my answer.  I wasn't laughing anymore.  Somewhere between the discipline, training, and mundane mommy tasks, I lost my love of being a Mommy and a wife

Yes, my heart skipped a beat in typing those words. 

I stopped loving the best job in the world.  The job that millions of mom's desperately wish they had or had back.  The joy was gone.  The laughter was replaced with demands and expectations.

This loss had caused me to bury myself in a drug that I couldn't get enough of.  The silence of laughter prohibited me from longing for time with my kiddos and husband.  The extinction of joy gave me a deep desire to cave down under the weight of my duties. 

Oh, my friends, I can't wait to tell you tomorrow how that one word changed my life.  Will you join me, please?

Until then, are you laughing?


  1. I started following your blog through ABCJLM, and I wanted to tell you that I find myself relating to these posts! I can't wait to read about laughing...definitely something I need more of in my day!

  2. Thanks for being honest. I think there are many mamas in this same too! I am so encouraged by your honesty because God has been convicting me of this lately as well. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to hearing about your journey.
    -Tired Mom of 3 ages 4 and under.

  3. I had a similar revelation the other day. I was trying to remember the last time I was really happy and drew a complete blank. I cried out to God that I wanted to be truly happy and enjoy my life.

    Can't wait for the next post . . .

    Christian Momma


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