Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: Read with Me Bible for Toddlers

Read with Me Bible for Toddlers

The Read with Me Bible for Toddlers is another Bible that I considered for the 2 Year Curriculum. 

This Bible, for ages 4-8 year olds, contains twenty-four popular stories.  The sentences are short and the book contains large pictures.  The faces of the characters show a lot of personality and emotion. 

Momma C's Thoughts:
When I looked at the first story, I was excited.  Genesis 1; the page is totally black except for a short sentences.  I really liked the concept this portrayed.  But just a short page turn later, the illustrations took a different turn.  As pictured on the cover of the book, the pictures are very comic-book like or super-hero in a way.  I became overwhelmed in the illustrations.  In the crucifixion story, the illustration shows Jesus being carried to the tomb.  Unlike any other children's Bible, Jesus' face is showing causing the illusion that He is sleeping. 

The Bible stories are based on the scriptures but have added information to make them story-like.  I wish the stories would have come full circle a little better to really drive home point.

According to the title, the book is directed toward Toddlers while Amazon states the book is for 4-8.  I would go with Amazon's suggestion.  I feel the sentences are a little long and the illustrations a little busy for a two year old. 

One note, on pages 44 and 45, the sentences are switched and under the wrong picture.

This wasn't my favorite Bible.  I just feel there are more solid (scripture wise) toddler Bibles available. 

Thank you to Zonderkids for allowing me to give an honest review of their book.

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