Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Wysi Wipes

Multi Purpose Wipes Travel Pack - 12 - Wipes

Wysi Wipe contacted me about doing a review. With eight sticky faces and hands in our home, I am always looking for easy items for those messy situations.

I received two Multi Purpose Wipes Travel Pack containing 12 Wipes each. Simply add water and the wipes hydrate and snake apart. Something that was the diameter of a nickel is now ready to wash or wipe whatever is needed. Wysi Wipes are biodegradable (good for environment), chemical-free (good for allergies to other wipes), and being compact in size they are easy to carry in a diaper bag or purse. With only one ingredient (pulp fiber) there is no fear of putting extra ingredients on your family’s skin

I was impressed with the quality of the wipe. These are not like paper towels in that they do no fall apart.  They are more like a wipe that can be washed and reused.  You can even scrub with these things.  They are that tough.  I love how there are no chemicals on the wipes.  I can't use babywipes on my kiddos' faces because they break out.  Not a problem with these wipes!

I was able to "open" a wipe with just 1 teaspoon of water.  That's pretty cool!

The wipes look like large tums. Because our son is very oral, I feared him getting a hold of the tablets and putting them in his mouth. Unlike other towels, I made sure to keep them out of his reach.

As long as you carry water with you or have it within your reach, I think the Wysi Wipe Multi-Purpose Wipes have a lot going for them!

Thank you to Wyspi Wipe for asking me for an honest review of your product.

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