Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 Year Curriculum Questions

I am receiving so many questions about the 2 Year Curriculum.  Your excitement is making me excited to see the finished product. 

With that said...
As I am working on the 2 Year Curriculum, you will see the pages posted from time to time. Please understand that they are a work in progress and will disappear when I am not working on them.

If you do see the 2 Year Curriculum on the page, know that my fingers are typing as quickly as the Holy Spirit is guiding me.  Please say a prayer for me that I would be lead to the information that I need.  Pray that I would know things that I don't know and have ideas for the children that will lead them to a love of Christ.

I hope to have it all done in a month's time!

Thank you for the encouragement and prayer!!!

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