Friday, June 17, 2011

Updated Letter of the Week Activities

A little over a month ago, I asked for your thoughts and suggestions on the ABCJLM website and curriculum.  I was so excited to see the comments pour in.  Once again, I have completed a request of yours. 

You asked for more Letter of the Week Activities and pictures ideas.  I set out to oblige.  While it is a constant work in progress, you will find more pictured examples and ideas than before.  Added were picture examples of the Letter Posters and a list of snack and food ideas for each letter.  Also, I am working to include a list of books for each letter. 

The Letter Poster pictures are actual posters my kiddos did of the letters.  You will not find "professional" looking posters but ones that kids have done.  It has been fun to see them learn while blessing you!

Head over to the Extra Ideas:  Learning Letters and Numbers.  Choose the letter of choice on the Letter of the Week Activities page.  Start having fun while learning!

Please send me your ideas.  Would love to add to the list!

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