Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Out-of-Sync Life Survey Results

Here are the survey results for the Our Out-of-Sync Life questions...

How would you rate the Our Out-of-Sync Life blog?
Amazing, so helpful45%
Average Mom Blog34%
Could Use Some Work3%
Pointless, not helpful to me3%
There is an Our Out-of-Sync Life blog???14%

What would you like to see more of on the Our Out-of-Sync Life blog?
Discipline   19%
Incorporating ABCJLM into daily life       74%
Mommyhood tips and encouragement33%

Of the topics covered on the Our Out-of-Sync Life blog, what would you like to see less of?
Incorporating ABCJLM into daily life0%
Mommyhood tips and encouragement0%
Other          31%

How often do you check our sister blog - Our Out-of-Sync Life?
Can't go one day without checking it out       20%
3-4 Times a Week10%
1-2 Times a Week20%
Twice a month0%
On a golden chance...20%

Comments from you...
  • I like that your blog posts are NOT LONG. 
  • [The posts] are easy to read and digest. 
  • Thanks for being open, honest, and enthusiastic in your sharing.
  • [The reviews] have been very helpful in making purchasing choices
  • I noted "average mom blog" but that (from my point of view) is a compliment.  I like a blog to be casually readable, like having a comfortable conversation.
Thank you so much for the encouraging words.  While I didn't receive many written suggestions, the ratings that you gave to the questions that I asked were very helpful.  Off your responses, you will see more day-to-day life suggestions (incorporating ABCJLM into daily life) along with mom tips and encouragement.  You will see less recipes. 

Have more suggestions?  Please leave a comment and let me know!

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