Friday, April 15, 2011

Writting 101

Little Man wants to write his name so badly.  "Mommy, Mommy please let me write my name."  He does a few scribblings and smiles as though he just signed the Declaration of Independence.  Now he wants more. 

Yesterday during school time, I gave it a whirl.  Starting with the first letter of his name we got down to business.  Immediately success.  He was thrilled.  I was thrilled.  He would have written that letter all day.  I had dinner to fix.

As I watched him have such amazing success, I silently thanked God for what He taught me those two years of Bubs' Occupational Therapy. 

Without that information, I would have probably gotten out the nice handwriting paper with the pretty lines that are 1/2 of an inch a part (at best) and started on writing his name.  We would have had a crying 2 year old and a frustrated momma.  But because I knew how to start, the beginning was not the end.

Lucky for you, I am not hoarding this knowledge.  Nor am I going to make you pay 1000's of dollars and make 100's of trips to therapy to get it.  Actually, it is right under your fingertips at ABC Jesus Loves Me.  All for free!

On the "Learning to Write" page, I show you step by step how to teach your child to form letters.  Please understand, this is nothing that I have come up with.  Simply stolen wisdom from professionals.  Something that I believe should be taught in Mommyhood 101.  Sadly, no one offers this class.

Before you put a pencil in your child's hand, understand that fine motor skills are crucial for handwriting.  While some children (like Little Man) can handle it, other child (like Bubs) are not ready at a young age.  This is why handwriting is not introduced until halfway through the 3 Year Curriculum and for some this is still too early.  Take your child's lead.  Remember, if you are concerned, always talk to your pediatrician and seek professional advice. 

When your child is ready, come join us.  Learning to Write can and should be fun for all!

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  1. I just found your site about a week ago and I LOVE the concept of teaching the parts of the lettes first...and very LARGE! My little guy turned 3 in Feb. and has the brains for this kind of stuff just not the attention span. It's nice to be able to sit down and do a one page "lesson" with him. Sometimes he draws the lines, sometimes he connects the dots, either way I am happy and there is progress! Thank you SO much! As a Christain momma that works full time (I own a business and the kids come to work with me) this is a great tool that I can use, even while we are all at work! Thanks again!


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