Thursday, April 21, 2011

Worksheets Available to Order

You speak.  I listen.  You ask.  I provide!
Yep, ABC Jesus Loves Me Worksheets are now available to order!!!!!!!!
Aren't you glad that you asked?

The worksheet book contains 84 worksheets including the Aa-Zz letter posters, 0-25 number posters, five pre-writing worksheets, three different sized blank tracing line worksheets, twelve Letter Progressions worksheets, as well as twelve uppercase, lowercase, and number worksheets.

A plastic cover set, black cardstock backing, and spiral binding surround the single-sided, color-printed worksheets to keep each page clean and easy to use.

These worksheets are used throughout the 3 and 4 Year Curriculum.

A number and letter poster is suggested in almost every lesson plan in the ABCJLM 3 and 4 Year Curriculum.  Use these posters to reinforce formation as well as phonetic sounds of the letter and quantity of the number.  (Examples:  Hh poster - hole punch holes and then lace with string.  Number 3 poster - place three stickers on the number and then paint)  More suggestion for the letter posters are available on the ABCJLM website. 

The pre-writing worksheets help younger children form the basic movements needed to form letters and numbers. 

The Letter Progression worksheets are the basis for the 4 Year Curriculum.  These worksheets begin with the "line letters" and progress to the harder formations.  All worksheets follow the "Learning to Write" philosophy on the ABCJLM website. 

Keep each worksheet in the binding or tear out as needed. To save paper, I suggest using plastic covers along with a dry-erase marker on the worksheets to allow for repeated practice.

Unlike the curriculum, worksheets may be copied for the home of the individual family for which they were purchased.  Addition copies of the worksheets may be ordered if needed (i.e. more than one child doing the curriculum).

When I started doing the math, I realized that I was spending approximately $25 to copy these worksheets off at home.  Many home inkjet printers cost 25 cents to print one color copy.  Add you paper and electricity on top of that.  Oh don't forget the amount of time...well you can do the math.

Some of you are thinking: 
So what??  There are tons of preschool worksheet books available. 
What makes this book so special?
Remember, these are not your typical worksheets. The letter and number posters can be used in so many ways to enforce the formation of the letter and number in addition to the phonetic sound of the letter.  The writing worksheets reflect what I learned through our son's occupational therapy.  Each level is a building block for the next level. I have never found anything like these worksheets which is why I created my own.  (In my mind there is no reason to make something that someone else already has available for free!)

Still have a question?  Let me know webmaster (at)

So, what are you waiting for?  Order your worksheet book today!  Order the 3 and 4 Year Curriculum along with the Worksheets and save.

Price per print source

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