Friday, April 1, 2011

What's in the Bible Street Team

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to apply to be part of the new "What's in the Bible Street Team." I felt like it would be a long shot but I gave it a whirl anyway.
I am excited to announce that ABC Jesus Loves Me was chosen to be part of this team!!!
You maybe already know this because you heard me shout with joy a few days ago. I am thrilled with the opportunity for all of the ABCJLM followers and users as I will be able to give you sneak peaks into the brand new products and opportunities available through Jelly and . (My husband and I keep joking that we will meet Phil Vischer too! Not happening but a fun thought.)

If all of this is a foreign language to you, let me jog your memory...Phil Vischer, Veggie Tales creator, teaching the books of the Bible... Be sure to go back and read my post on Jelly Telly and a review on What's in the Bible #1 and #2.

Stay tuned as I will give you updates as I learn what all of this means for me and you!

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