Thursday, April 21, 2011

Memorizing Scripture - For an Adult

If I was to poll the ABCJLM family, I would guess that at least 95% of you would agree that memorizing scripture is very to extremely important.  We all know we should be memorizing but probably few of us do. 

The "Learning Memory Verses" page on the ABC Jesus Loves Me website is devoted to helping you help a child hide God's Word in their heart.  Memory verses are a part of the ABCJLM Preschool Bible Curriculum.  I have listed specific CD's to help the process - Hide Em in Your Heart Vol 1 & 2 & Seeds Family Worship

But what about you?  What about me?

Are we as adults filling out minds with the promises of God?

A friend of ours sent me a link to a free website and app (if I only had an app-able phone!) to help memorize scripture.  I thought it was too cool to not share.

The website is called  It hides more and more words as you go along. Simply copy and paste chosen text into the program. 

1 - Tab "choose quotes" - Enter your own quote
2 - Copy and paste the scripture of choice.  Try a site like
3 - Click "hide words" each time you want more words covered
4 - Add the scripture to "MyQuotes"

If I had an iphone, I think "imemorize" would be a cool app to have.  Memorize scripture while standing in line at the grocery store, carline, or waiting at the dr's office. 

Give it a try!


  1. For Android phones there is the free app Remember Me by Memorize with System. You can download your favorite verses from your favorite Bible version with a couple of clicks, play a word puzzle, watch words disappear, or use first letters or placeholders as hints. It also features flashcards and an intelligent review system so you won't forget your memorized verses. There will soon be a small collection of children's verses preloaded. You can even listen to your collection of memory verses, group them in sets or add a collection of something completely different, like French vocabulary.
    See for more information.

  2. For iPhone or Android, check out the Fighter Verses app. It's amazing.

    It has tons of verses and features like quizzes, audio, songs, blog commentary, topics for each verse, and more. You can even set the verse to display on the phone's lock screen!


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