Friday, April 29, 2011

Learning the Books of the Bible

A few months ago, I felt compelled to add the New Testament Books of the Bible to the 4 Year ABCJLM curriculum.  This lead to working on them with our own kiddos.  I started working on them at meal time but found that I was forgetting in the mist of serving second helpings and cleaning up sticky fingers.  So, I moved this learning to drive time. 

Every morning while driving Bubs to school, we go through the books of the New Testament.  While there are several ideas listed on the ABCJLM website of how to teach your children the books of the Bible, we are strictly learning them by rote and "drill."  We typically learn items by song but since I originally learned them through drill and mnemonic devices, I myself don't know the songs.   

Monday through Friday when we get into the van, I announce, "Who wants to go first?"  Little Man usually requests to go first by saying "Matthew, Mark...."  They kids have all learned the first nine books so far.  They love saying them and enjoy keeping their Daddy and Grandparents up to date on the progress.  While I could progress  a little faster with Bubs, I am holding back just a bit for Little Man.  Trust me, at almost three, Little Man is holding his own though.  Also, I don't want to move so quickly that later on they struggle with the middle books.  Each week we add two - three books.  I hope to have them all learned before school is let out for the summer.

You want to know something cool?  The two kids that we carpool with are learning the books too!  Without ever "involving" them, these two kiddos ask to say them too.  My heart did a jump the first time they joined in!

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