Monday, April 25, 2011

How Do You Start Your Morning? Part 1

Let's be real here...I am a slow learner.  Sometimes it takes a lot of falling down to make me realize that I really need to change my ways.  So thankful that God doesn't parent like I do.  He gives me grace.  Picks me up and gives me a new day. 

For over half of my life...oh wait...I am older than I think. 

For 2/3's of my life, I have been taught the importance of having daily quiet time with God.  I knew the reasons why in my head but I had never experiences those reasons on a personal level.  In high school, I was a hit and miss devotional girl.  When those did happen, it consisted of me reading something, closing the book, and going to bed.  Honestly, there have been stretches in my life when quiet time didn't happen at all. 

In the past year and a half, I have realized that I can't make it without spending some quiet time in the morning with God.  Some of you are right here with me.  The days that I miss my time with my Savior, I am a wreak.  All I can say poor husband and children. 

As I finish the Beth Moore study, Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit, I am overwhelmed with the power of the Holy Spirit and what a life of a true follower of Christ should look like. Feeling convicted and overwhelmed, I am not sure where I should even begin!

On the final day of the 10-week study, Beth Moore takes the reader through a Spirit-lead day.  She explains that it must begin in the morning.  No excuses about being a night person or mornings being too busy.  Scripture states over and over to rise early.  In Mark 1:35 we see that Jesus rose long before daylight to spend time with His Father.  Beth Moore states, "Psalm 63 opens in the earliest moment of the day, reminding us that a victorious day beings with a victorious morning!"

Then Beth outlines what a victorious day looks like. 

When you rise:
1.  Surrender to the Holy Spirit and God's authority
2.  Confess to Him "any thoughts, words or deeds performed outside the realm of His authority"
3.  Ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit
4.  Ask to see God's power (what God does) and glory (who God is) throughout the day
5.  Pray for a guarded mouth that glorifies God

Throughout the day:
1.  Praise Him - fill your mind with thoughts of who God is

At night:
1.  Recount God's faithfulness - journal how God showed up that day in big and small ways
2.  Cast your cares at His feet
3.  Rest in His arms

When I first read these tips from Beth, my joy overflowed and I couldn't wait to share them with you.  I immediately grabbed the computer and started typing so that I could further plant them in my thoughts along with pass along this info to you.

Are you like me?  Does this "victorious day" sound, well...victorious?  Peaceful?  Stress reducing? 

To be continued...

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