Friday, April 1, 2011

April: Making Memories

Several months ago I mentioned that my mom gave me a 1993 issue of Shining Star magazine.  Included in this issue is an excerpt from Jody Capehart's book - Cherishing and Challenging Your Children.  The article called "Making Meaningful Memories", contains practical tips to create family traditions and memories throughout the year.  Each month, I will be featuring suggestions from this article and Ms. Capehart's book. 


1.  Have fun on April Fool's Day. 
2.  Celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree.  {If you happen to live close to Nebraska City, Nebraska, they have wonderful museums, outdoor exhibits, and other family activities to visit.  The Arbor Day Foundation was founded in Nebraska City.}

And here are a few of my own:
3.  Celebrate God's greatest gift - His Son - through Easter Activities.  Many ideas are listed on the ABCJLM website. 
4.  Take a walk in the rain with umbrellas.
5.  Plant a garden or some flowers. 

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