Friday, March 4, 2011

Shaving Cream Finger Painting

Using shaving cream as finger paint is a fun project to do with the kids.  Wonderful sensory and fine motor activity.  Plus it makes your house smell really good!

Place shaving cream in a pan.  A jelly roll pan worked best.  Add water-based paint to the shaving cream to change the color. 

A pan with sides works best although we did try a cookie sheet. 
One website suggested using paper.  After a while the paper became too wet and tore.  The pan definitely worked better.

The kids had fun changing the color of the shaving cream.  At one point they wanted to add white to change it back.  They saw very quickly that no matter how much white we added, the shaving cream never returned to its original white color.  This created a perfect opportunity to talk about sin.  No matter how many "good things" we do, we can never turn our hearts white again.  Only Jesus can do that because of the blood that He shed on the cross for us. 

This would be a great Family Night activity with the Bible story added. 


  1. Momma C, i love your take on this. Faith's OT uses shaving cream with her all the time. She used to hate it but now she likes it. Trouble is it looks just like cool whip (which we also use alot) and she wants to try to eat it!

  2. Fun tactile stuff! We've used pudding and cinnamon applesauce before. And youngest has made Shaving Cream sculptures while in the bathtub.

  3. Shaving creams should not just have a soothing and relaxing effect on one's skin but shaving creams should also nourish the skin like a water to a plant.


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