Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: The Keys to the Kingdom

The Key To The Kingdom

This is my second review involving a product with the words "key" and "kingdom".  The first review was for the computer game Keys of the Kingdom.  The second is the new book by Jeff Dixon called The Key To The Kingdom.  Just to clarify, similar in name but very different. 

Plot:  Grayson Hawkes is sent on an elaborate scavenger hunt through Walt Disney World to discover the "Key to the Kingdom."  Along the way, he learns the ends and outs of the Magic Kingdom.

Momma C's Thoughts:  To start, I am not a huge Walt Disney fan.  I haven't ever been to Walt Disney World and probably won't ever have the money to go even if it was on my bucket list.  With that said, a lot of stuff in this book flew over my head because I couldn't relate.  I believe that it would have made a lot more sense to me had I understood the buildings and attractions at the park. 

The concept of a scavenger hunt was fun and I enjoyed the first few clues but because I didn't have a base knowledge to help solve it, the mystery was removed from me.  The ending caught me off guard and left me very puzzled. 

While I can appreciate the writing and the amazing amount of creativity that went into this book, I would have to reserve it for die-hard Walt Disney fans.   Otherwise, I believe the rest would lack true appreciation.

This is a MamaBzz review.  This product was provided by Bring It On Communications!.

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  1. Note from the author Jeff Dixon:

    Thank you so much for taking this journey through Central Florida in The Key To The Kingdom. Although it is a work of fiction it is factual fiction loaded with real places that can not only be found but explored.

    The story surely is an easy connect for Disney fans and perhaps might inspire a few people to visit and check out some of the details within the pages of the book for themselves.

    I appreciate your words and I invite others to take the adventure, solve the mystery, and have a good time unraveling The Key To The Kingdom.


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