Monday, March 28, 2011

My Goals Update

If there has ever been a late post, this is it.  This post has been "written" in my head several times but for this and that reason has not been typed and published yet.  Let me back up.

The first of January I encouraged you to set goals for 2011.  We talked about turning the impossible into possible.  I told you mine and said that I would be posting updates along the way.  Here it is the end of March and I haven't given one update.  Here is my list of excuses and you can decide whether they are legit or not. 

After the first week of January, we started a string of snow and ice storms that lasted until the end of February.  Bubs ended up missing 10 days of school and should have missed more because the roads were horrific a few of those days.  Start in March, we began three weeks of sickness.  Strep, possible RSV, ear infections, pink eye, colds...yuck!  I have been sick more this year than I typically am for several years combined.  Between of the snow and sickness, life hasn't been "normal" around here.  To say the least, my goals haven't been foremost in my mind at times. 

Goal #1 - Daily spend time in the Word. 
This goal is actually going pretty well as I am learning that if I don't spend quality time with God in the mornings before I am greeted by my children, I won't make it.  Period.  Being in Women's Ministry has helped keep me accountable.  We are continuing on the Beth Moore study Living Beyond Yourself.  I have already done a couple of posts on this study.  If you have not done this study or a study by Beth Moore - you must.  They will change your world and bring the Bible to life.

Goal #2 - Hug and kiss my husband daily.
How easy it is to fall back into routine.  Rush through life and not take time to truly "love." 

Goal #3 - Do three specific activities a week with my kiddos.
Sickness put a dent in this goal.  Ready to start anew this week.

Goal #4 - Lose weight.
Once again, sickness stopped my workout routine.  But the weight is slowly but surely coming off, praise the Lord!  Back to working out.

Just writing this up has been a great reminder and encouragement to grab hold of what I have let go and strive on!  I will report back soon.

How are your goals?  It is never to late to jump back in!

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  1. My goals have been a bust so far as well. Sickness has been running through the house for 3 months now. Every time I think we're done with it a day or to goes by and then someone gets sick again.


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