Monday, March 14, 2011

Helping Your Child Learn the Books of the Bible

After watching the What's in the Bible DVDs for the millionth time (okay that is an exaggeration), I have been listening to our kids talk about the books in the Bible for the first time.  I realized that I am doing a poor job of teaching the Bible.  I mean, our kids know Bible stories but they don't know the Bible.  Through watching the What's in the Bible videos, they are hearing about the first few books.  This is great!  But I need to do more.  Because let's face it, if you don't know the books of the Bible, you can't know the Bible. 

This is why it is of utmost importance that you use a Bible while telling your child stories from the Bible.  Let them see where the stories came from.  Also, show them specifically where the memory verse is found in the Bible.

Because of all this, while redoing the 4 Year Curriculum I added the New Testament books to the list of items to learn.  For some children, this will be simple with a little help.  If you have a child who can easily memorize, you might want to do the entire 66 books of the Bible.  Other kiddos are not ready for this and that is fine.  Use that time to just look up the books in the Bible and talk about who wrote them, find a favorite verse, etc. 

There are wonderful resources to help a child learn the books.  I have linked and suggested several on the ABCJLM website
 - Music - Learn the books through a song
 - Games - Bingo, flashcards, etc.
 - Motions - I found these motions on a forum and got permission to reprint and make them available to you.  The motions represent key points in that book.  Here are some examples:
(Book - Motion - Reason)
Both arms extended in dome over head.     
God created the heavens and earth. Gen. 1:1


Pretend to hold a bow and draw back the string
Joshua the warrior leads the Israelites into the Promised Land


With both hands place a crown on your head.
Matthew emphasizes the kingship of Christ.

However you choose, help your child understand the importance of God's Word.  My prayer is that our kiddos would see the Bible as a place of comfort, guidance and wisdom, and assurance from the promises of God. 


  1. I love this post. Our son is young {under 1}, but we've been discussing how we're going to introduce the Bible to him. While we read to him often from his Tommy Nelson books or other religious ones, we haven't pulled out his children's Bible yet. {someone loves to tear paper...}

    I think maybe we'll need to figure something out and get started.

  2. My older two boys (5 and 6), were starting to learn the books in a song through a "youth" group at our church, but I LOVE the motions w/ the book name as a way to remember key points!! Thanks so much for sharing these ideas : )


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