Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cooking with Ease...Well Realitively

I recently told my husband that I wish I didn't have to sleep.  During the night while everyone else is sleeping, I could get my house cleaned, meals prepared, laundry done, and bills paid.  That would leave time for my family during the day!  Sadly that isn't life because this Momma needs her sleep! Since life requires sleep...let's see if we can make it a little easier. 

Cooking with ease.  Doesn't it sound peaceful? 

Yesterday I let you know that I want to help you in the kitchen. I hope that you are sending me recipes as we speak.  I also hope that you are excited and will truly have a burden lifted upon reading this addtion to the blog.

Today, I am going to start with one of my most used small appliances - the bread machine.  We buy almost no bread - only hamburger and hot dog buns when I get lazy.  I use the bread machine several times a week.  It truly is simple and the bread tastes SO much better and is healthier.

I truly believe the money you spend in a bread machine is quickly made up in the savings you have from making your own bread.  I am going to be nice to you and not bore you with the math but the next time you are at the grocery store, check and see what you are paying for a good quality, whole-wheat loaf of bread. 

This is the bread machine that I own.  Nothing fancy but it gets the job done.  I personally don't like the short fat loaves but for the price, this baby is fine.

Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker  Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker

For a family of six, I wouldn't even think about going less than a 2-lb bread maker.  A loaf like that makes approx 12 slices of bread. 

During the winter, I do not bake my bread in the bread machine.  Like I said, I am not a fan of the short, fat loaves and I like the size a loaf pan makes much better for sandwiches.  You also don't have the hole in the bottom of your loaf from the mixing bar.  But during the summer, when I don't want to start my oven, I use the baking feature. 

The timer feature is the best.  I love being able to use a delayed start. 

I have made quick bread in the machine as well.  It works great during the summer (that whole not-wanting-to-turn-on-the-oven-when-the-air-conditioner-is-on thing) but I always had to bake it longer than the programmed time.  Not a problem but you have to watch it. 

In about 3 minutes, I can have a loaf mixing.  If I wanted to make it even quicker, I sometimes fill several containers with the dry ingredients (minus the yeast).  That way, instead of getting out the flours and sugar each time, I can just dump a pre-filled container on top of the liquids. 

Sound easy?  It is!  Cooking with we come!

Well, I have exhausted this blog so I will save the recipe for next time.  Until then, send me those recipes!  Also...what do you use your bread machine for?


  1. LOVE my bread machine! And I came about it FREE! My sister was borrowing it from my Mom who never used it and my sister wasn't using it, so I asked if *I* could have it last July when I started trying to eliminate as many artifical "stuff" as possible from our diet. I've been making most of our bread - except for hot dog rolls and bagels - since! I bought large locking plastic bins and fond a place that sells bulk flours for cheaper than the stores. Even my just turned 9 year-old daughter and make bread in it!


  2. Okay, confession here. My husband bought me a bread machine shortly after we were married. I think I used it twice. I then sold it at a garage sale. Several years later, I decided I wanted one again and I scored an almost new one at Goodwill for $15. I was able to download the owners manual from the web and was good to go. I've only used it for making dough and always bake the bread in the oven. I realize this is a bad idea in the summer, but it just looks so much nicer! Now, I'd love to know if you do sometimes make hot dog and hamburger buns from scratch. Are you going to share your bread machine recipes?


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