Friday, March 11, 2011

4 Year Curriculum is Done!!!

Are you watching my shoulders?  They just dropped several inches.  The Holy Spirit and I have been busy, busy.  But my "seventh" day is here to rest.
For the past three weeks, I have been working very hard to make some much needed changes to the ABCJLM 4 Year Curriculum.  I have felt for a while that this curriculum was lacking but just hadn't decided what the changes would look like.  Changes are made.  Research is done.  Prayer has covered this process.  As we speak, the curriculm has gone to print.  And I can't wait to hear your input.

The basic concepts of the 4 Year Curriculum have not changed but things have been tweaked.  Here is a list of changes and additions:

Bible Stories - There are now only three Bible stories that duplicate between the 3 and 4 Year Curriculum (Christmas, Easter, and 10 Commandments).  The 3 Year Curriculum still contains the most famous preschool Bible stories.  In the 4 Year Curriculum, I have branched out to include some lesser- known stories - Food from Heaven, King Josiah, Jesus is Tempted, etc.  Every lesson now contains comprehension questions along with coloring sheets and activities to reinforce the lesson.

Character Education - This is the core of the 4 Year Curriculum with the Bible stories supporting the character.  I have added a few more character traits to the list and added activities to do with each trait. 

Books of the Bible - I felt lead to add this to the curriculum because I believe it is very important for children to know their Bibles.  The New Testament books are learned in the 36 weeks.  Books are added a few at a time every few weeks.  I have added a page to help you teach (and learn yourself if you don't already know them) the Books of the Bible.  I will be adding to this page hand motions for each book very soon.

19 Review Week - I moved the review week from week 18 to week 19 to match the 3 Year Curriculum. 

Bible Verses - After doing the curriculum with my children, I have seen that they can handle more Bible verses.  So, I have reduced the review of verses to average just twice instead of three times in the curriculum.  Almost every verse is on the Hide Em in Your Heart Vol 1 & 2 CDs making the memorization easier.

Songs - I have added new songs and cut down on repetition.  Again, almost every song is available on either the 100 Hymns & Praise Songs for Kids or The Ultimate Bible Song Collection for Kids CD set.

Everything else (fine and gross motor, visual perception, letters, math, etc.) has stayed the same.  You can view all of the changes on the 36 Week Overview Table

As I worked on this, I prayed for complete hearing of the Holy Spirit to guide me to make changes that will be best for the ABCJLM families and schools who use the curriculum.   

Secondly, the new 4 Year Curriculum is now ready to order.  All orders for the 4 Year Curriculum will include the changes.  Please understand that I have done a excessive amount of proofreading.  But with 102 pages and myself lacking an English degree, there will be mistakes.  Would you bless me by emailing mistakes that you find, please?

For those of you who have emailed with encouragement and covered me with prayer during this process, thank you.  To my mom who helped me do are amazing!

Anxious to hear your thoughts!!!


  1. The changes sound WONDERFUL! I'm just starting the 3-year curriculum (adapting it for starting midyear because I couldn't wait!), but I look forward to seeing all your hard work. Thank you so much for blessing so many people!


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