Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Mailbox

This was supposed to post before Valentine's Day but accidentally didn't get published.  Sorry!  For next year!

Bubs wanted to make a Valentine's Mailbox for his school party.  I went online and found the directions for one.  Unfortunately, I only used one piece of their instructions.  More disappointing, I didn't take pictures along the way of each step to help you! 

Large piece of cardboard
Exacto Knife
Rubber Cement
Construction Paper
Small piece of cardboard
One brad

Directions:1.  Cut the box as pictures below.
2.  Cut an arch about 1" inside one end.  Notice the red line on the picture above.
3.  With the extra piece of cardboard, arch and tape it to the box. 
4.  Cover the lid, sides and then top with construction paper (in that order).  Gluing with rubber cement does not leave the marks like glue does. 
5.  Poke a small hole in the lid to create a handle.  I used a piece of ribbon, knotted on both sides.
6.  Create a flag using a small piece of cardboard.  Cover it with paper.  Poke a brad through the flag and the side of the mailbox. 
7.  Decorate.  I wrote our last name with glue on the side and then covered with glitter. 

I apologize for these rough directions and supply list.  Hopefully I haven't left anything out or given a step in the wrong direction!  Happy Valentine's Day!

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